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Our Services

We service within 150 miles of Downtown Denver.  Just for reference, a travel fee will be added for long distances, and additional fees may apply.

Join our weekly meal prep program!

Every week Angela and I create a list of 8 entrees, and you pick the ones you like. We adjust to your diet, and deliver on Wednesdays. The cost runs from $125 to $350, based on what's chosen. Each entree has 8 portions. We do half sizes for half price. Free delivery. 


Private Dinners and Caterings, and so much more!

Personal Chef Private Dinners
($80-120 a person)

​Romantic Dinner for two

($350 dinner for two)

Extended Stay/Live-in
(Call for quote)

Cooking Classes
($70 - 100 a person)

"Pop-up" Catering
($100 a person)

(30-60 a person)

Brunch (Venue and Liquor Provided)
(Call for quote)

Blow-outs and Brunch
(Call for quote)

Meal Kits
(Call for quote)

Al Fresco Dining Experience
(Call for quote)

Camping Chef
(Call for quote)

CBD Dinners
(Standard Dinner Price, with $30 upcharge)

Gift Certificates
(No additional charge)

Tasting Menus of Miracle Fruit

(100 - 140 a person)

*The price per person increases the smaller the size of the party. All surcharges, minus long distance fee, and server fee, are included in the cost per person. These prices are approximate and change with the season. For catered events, additional fees apply. Parties of six or more automatically include a server for no charge.

Have our Baker make your Cake.
($200 - $500)

Add a Bartender

Wedding Buffet
($40-60 a person)

Plated Entree Weddings
($60-100 a person)

Full-service Catering
($35-60 a person)

Drop-off  Catering
($30-60 a person)

High-end Catering
($60-120 a person)

Corporate Lunch Catering
($15-20 a person)

(Casi lo mismo de catering)

Company Parties
(Call for quote)

Game day catering
($15-25 a person)

Delivery Meal prep
($200 plus ingredients delivered once per week)

Customized meal prep
(Call for quote)

In-house Meal prep
($250 + Ingredients, once a week)

Tasting Menus
($95 - 130 a person)


Let's get you a quote

Thanks for submitting! Chef Randy will be with you soon.

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