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A little about us....

Angela and Randy are the husband and wife duo that make up Luxury Meals From Home LLC. Randy, born and raised in Denver, is an award winning chef,  with almost 18  years as a professional chef in the Denver restaurant scene. Angela has spent almost 15 years as a bartender all over the country at high-end resorts. She has spent the last two years as a personal chef.

We have additional staff on hand, as well as our own baker!

We service within 150 miles from downtown Denver we'll go in any season, and any type of weather.


The truth is, most of our competitors and us are basically the same. We will all  do a great job, and we care about you. It takes a certain kind of person to draw inspiration in the act of "restoring" others, in an almost selfless way.

The word restaurant comes from the word "restorative." They began as places in France where people would stop in for soup, and restore. 

Have Angela and I cook for you, and it won't be forgotten easily. It is those small

moments, that remind us of our community of spirit.

- Chef Randy

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